Welcome to My Sweet Life!

I’ve been thinking for some time now that I need to restart my blog.  Although Facebook is fun, it just doesn’t fill my need for sharing and documenting what is going on in my life.  This blog is intended to include pretty much anything that I am doing.  It will have my day to day activities as well as focus on some longer term goals and areas of interest.  Along with my passion for cake decorating, I am  excited to be joining a baking group where I will be making at least two recipes a month from an awesome new cookbook that M bought for me last week.  I have also pulled some of the posts from my previous blog which was focused solely on chocolate.  I hope that you will enjoy sharing in my adventures.

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  1. Dear Julie! Am so glad to see you here. I hope we can be of support to you as your travel along in your Sweet Life. It is special that we have the privilege of yourself and your amazing baking within our group. You have always been so sweet and supportive to me on the Forum and this is an amazing name for your blog. The cupcakes were adorable with ‘thanks’ and little hearts. joan