How Sweet It is

I am so lucky to have spent the last 25 years married to my best friend.  Through those years we have experienced so much in life.  We have raised a family, pursued our dreams, struggled and succeeded, enjoyed life together and had a lot of fun.   So it’s been difficult for me to adjust to living with hubby’s chronic illness and the uncertainty that our future holds.  The empty nest years have hardly been what we planned and dreamed of  — at least not yet.

These days I try to focus on the many blessings we have and the little things we enjoy each day.  Yesterday I had an especially sweet moment and I wanted to share it.  I was at the hospital visiting hubby who has been there for the past week. Late in the afternoon I started to feel a headache coming on so I took some pain reliever and waited.  Before long my headache turned into a full blown migraine.  My head felt like it was going to explode into a million pieces and I actually welcomed the idea of that happening if it would stop the pain.  Hubby knew that I really needed to lay down and so he suggested that I lay down next to him.   The pain continued to rage and before I knew it Marshall left the room and returned with an ice pack for me.  Not only that, but he walked down to the patient lounge and bought me a soda and pretzels.  Now how many women are lucky to have a husband who is that thoughtful and caring at any time but especially when he is in the hospital and needing to be cared for himself?  Yes,  I consider myself one of the luckiest girls in the world and I am so grateful for a husband who makes my life so sweet.

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  1. How sweet it is.. what a nice thing to do. In times like this is when we are reminded why we fell in love with that person in the first place.

    Hope he (and you) are feeling better.

  2. I got so teary-eyed! Life can be pretty sweet sometimes.

    I’m so sorry that Marshall is back in the hospital Julie! I was so sad when I heard that. I’m just so glad you guys have each other through all the difficult moments of life. Sending you lots of love and hugs,

  3. What a lovely story!!! I love how you both appreciate each other so much – it makes it so much more sweet for everyone involved. You guys are adorable!