Nutrition Info on Many-Splendored Quick Bread

I was surprised to find out that quite a few other people were interested in the nutrition information for the HCB recipes.  Maybe I will just go ahead and figure it up from now on and include it in my post.  We use BigOven software (PC based version not online version) to get the info.  Thanks everyone for reading and posting comments.  Here it is:

Nutrition info for Many-Splendored Quick Bread:

Serving Size: about 3 oz.; Servings per Recipe: 10

Calories 341; Calories from fat 161 (47% of tot cal); Total Fat 17 g (saturated fat 2 g); Cholesterol 43 mg; Sodium 282 mg; Total Carbo 40 g (dietary fiber 2 g sugars 16 g); Protein 6 g

Vitamin A 141%; Vitamin C 5%; Calcium 12%; Iron 27%

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  1. Great to know. I probably won’t come and check when we do the over the top cakes!

    Thanks a bundle for doing this.

  2. What?! serving is 341 calories?!?! I wonder how much calories per slice of those cakes we make with butter and all. Sometimes it is better not to know..LOL! Thanks for sharing!