New Year, New Blog.

It’s a new year and, like many of you, for the past few weeks I have been pondering what I would like to focus on in the coming year. One of my biggest priorities for this year is to complete a writing portfolio. This will involve writing numerous pieces in a variety of genres. I will also be submitting some of those pieces for publication.

Naturally, with my renewed focus on writing, I couldn’t help but think about this blog. I began this blog many years ago, and haven’t written anything for it in quite a while. This blog was a means of keeping some normality during a very turbulent time in my life. My husband was undergoing some very serious health challenges and the blog gave me something to focus on other than that. Some of my hobbies were baking and cake decorating, so I focused the blog on those things. I also belonged to an online baking group that baked weekly projects from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s cookbook entitled “Real Baking.” I thoroughly enjoyed blogging but the writing stopped when my life reached its breaking point, and I just never started up again.

Fast forward six years. My life is different in many ways, but no-so-different in others. On the different side, my husband’s health is better than ever. Also, we live in the Pacific Northwest now, and we love it. On the not-so-different side, I still get to spend time with my wonderful family and I have so many blessings in my life. I consider myself to have a pretty sweet life.

So I have decided that it’s time to revive and even revamp this blog. I still love to bake, but I have some new hobbies as well. I have been running for about two years now and absolutely love it. I have also attempted a few triathlons and am working to improve my skills in this area. Through my personal challenges I have become passionate about the importance of focusing on health and wellness. If you are interested in these things as well, I hope that you will check back to read more about these topics and to see what I am up to.

Have a Happy New Year!

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