Harry Potter Hullabaloo

Can you believe that the final Harry Potter movie is out?  Today’s young adults have actually grown up right along with Harry and Hogwarts and all that magical stuff.

My youngest was in third grade when it all started and she has thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

I was quite happy to make a cake for Grace’s 12th birthday.  But when I found out she was having her party at the movie theater so everyone could see the final Harry Potter movie on the very day it came out, I was super excited.  Her mom was even nice enough to invite me  to join in the fun.
The birthday girl wanted a castle cake so I did my best to comply.  It was a great party.  Thanks for the fun!

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1 Comment

  1. It was a remarkable cake, and most delicious! The movie was great fun to watch, but it is the cake that made Gracie feel special and made the day memorable. Thanks for your hard work!