Two Decades

Tell me it isn’t true! Twenty years ago my baby girl was born and now she’s a beautiful grown woman. Age certainly changes your perspective of time. When I was expecting, I receive some advice from someone who had a five year old. I remember thinking not only that this person’s advice was rather dated since it was FIVE whole years ago, but it also seemed like it would be a lifetime before my own baby turned five. Boy was I wrong. Not only did those first five years fly by but now she’s no longer even a teenager. We won’t even discuss what that makes me. Anyhow, I’m so grateful for the smart and talented person she has become. And she has been such an emotional support to me over this past year. Happy Birthday Elysa! Here’s the cake that she requested me to make, based on Henna designs.

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  1. I have so enjoyed your blog and getting caught up on what you have been doing. I will have to put this in my favorites to keep up with you. Thanks for sending the information.

  2. Julie, your cakes are bueatiful and we are so happy that things are looking up and are so much brighter for your family now. Marshall looks great and I know that Heidi said that there is such a brightness in your family now. Congratulations.